Swetha International is committed in providing a safe and consistent service. This commitment is at the very centre of the establishment of its business management system.
Since formally initiating the accreditation process Swetha has invested in the training and awareness of our staff to ensure continual improvement where our clients receive service satisfaction.

All works are administered within an BMS system and endorsed to:
  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015/4801:2001 – Quality Assurance
  • AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 – Workplace Health & Safety
Our staff are expected to play an integral part in maintaining focus on quality,
environmental and WHS assurance.
  • Quality Assurance

    Swetha is committed in ensuring all polices relating to its BMS system are made available to staff at all times.

    The quality of the service we deliver reflects the quality of our staff. All staff are briefed thoroughly on our quality policies and procedures. They are then regularly monitored and audited for compliance to our quality standards.

    Our systems are continually under review. We are always searching to improve our service.

  • WH&S (Risk Management)

    Swetha acknowledges its responsibility to provide a safe work environment for our clients, our staff and the public. Risk management is fundamental to our operations. A sturdy Work Health & Safety program is paramount to our entire operations.

    Our staff are trained in risk management so as to identify potential hazards. Our rail protection staff are trained extensively in risk management as part of the courses they complete. Risk management is a critical aspect to our works in delivering safe outcomes for our clients.

    Potential hazards are either eliminated or managed depending on their severity. If an injury or damage occurs, staff are to stop work and assess the conditions again – Swetha advise their staff to contact a supervisor from the company so as to ensure the matter has been looked at by an independent person.

    Each site has a Site Safety Manual that contains all the information necessary for our staff to work at that location safely and effectively.

  • Environmental Management

    Swetha International Pty Ltd maintain an Environmental Policy that is audited and reviewed annually by an independent third party for compliance purposes.

    Swetha ensures it only works with chemical companies whose products meet environmental standards in the composition of their materials. Swetha staff have been instructed at all times not to pollute waterways. The company encourages the use of materials that do not pollute but clean in a more environmentally friendly manner.

    Our staff have been instructed to be careful with the use of machinery in the course of their duties. At all times, attention needs to be paid to minimize the adverse effect of prolonged usage of machinery. Swetha has also implemented training in waste water disposal in order to comply with site requirements and EPA regulations.

    Our focus is on reducing the environmental impact of our services and continually assessing our procedures to be compliant with current standards.