The senior management of Swetha International Pty Ltd are committed to creating and extending opportunities for Aboriginal people and enterprises through our future years.

Swetha International Pty Ltd is committed to valuing workplace diversity, incorporating Aboriginal participation as a core function in the company’s project management processes and maintaining Aboriginal culture awareness in the workplace.


Swetha International Pty Ltd has been awarded membership of Supply Nation.

Swetha has a history of initiatives designed to help close the gap for Australia’s indigenous peoples and communities.

  • Working with Reconciliation Australia to develop a Reconciliation Plan
  • Increasing indigenous employment through our programs

Our membership of Supply Nation provides opportunities for more of our staff to be involved in initiatives designed to promote greater inclusion of indigenous people. We recognise the value of a diverse supply chain to drive innovation and flexibility within our organisation, and we also believe that by ensuring that our procurement decisions include indigenous businesses, that we can contribute to greater economic empowerment of First Australians and contribute to “closing the gap”.

  • Establish the Swetha International Reconciliation Plan (RAP)
  • Seek out and use goods and services that the procurement team have sourced from Supply Nations indigenous suppliers
  • Encourage and facilitate arrangements with larger primary contractors or suppliers so that Supply Nation indigenous suppliers can sub-contract on larger projects
  • Supply Nation connects its membership to indigenous suppliers to build a vibrant and prosperous indigenous business sector by incorporating indigenous owned businesses into the supply chain of Australian companies and government agencies.
  • Swetha International Pty Ltd has entered into a joint venture with Bankstown Aboriginal Corporation to combine the strengths of each entity in completing transport projects into the future.
  • Supply Nation’s mission is to facilitate, encourage and promote business between acorporate Australia and government agencies and indigenous owned businesses.